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5 Steps Toward Quickening Your Recovery

On this Episode of the Doc and Jock Podcast Dr. Danny and Coach Joe Discuss 5 steps CrossFit Athletes should take the moment their training sessions ends in order to prep the body and mind for the training sessions to follow.  

1. Full Up

2. Stretch, Moblize and Compress

3. Keep Moving

4. Advanced Techniques – This step is different for each of you depending on the activity, time to recover and the resources you have access to.  

5. Protect your sleep

The guys mentions some great coaches, products and techniques that all athletes should consider.  Here are some helpful links to those mentioned in this episode.  

To full up check out Vitargo S2 Products.

To learn more about Donnie “SuperD” Thompson, tempering, and his techniques check out his instagram feed (@thompsonfatpad), personal facebook page, gym facebook page (the compound), or The Donnie Thompson YouTube Channel.

To check out Ice Box Cryotherapy in Atlanta go to http://iceboxtherapy.com/.  

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