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Advice for Finding the Best Provider

If you are an athlete or a coach its only a matter of time before you come face to face with an injury.  In this episode Danny and Joe run through some essential tips to help you locate a provider that will help you keep doing the sport or training that you love to do.

Those Tips Include:

  • Does the provider spend time with athletes and folks in their care
  • Understanding alphabet soup
  • Does your provider train or understand what you train
  • Talking with your training Partners
  • Does the provider watch you perform the task giving you fits
  • Is your provider an educator
  • Why, in most cases surgery should never be your first option 
  • No is more than a naughty word

Big shout out to Brandon Vaughn of Vaughn Phyiscal Therapy.  Yes he is a physio coach and one you should see if you are in the Columbia SC area. http://www.vaughnpt.com/

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Coach Joe is also posting training video at Twitter and Instagram @joesbarbell.  He also posts info at Facebook and Youtube.  

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