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Are You Supplementing Properly?

On this Episode of the Doc and Jock Podcast Dr. Danny and Coach Joe have a uber informative converation with Supplement and Performance expert Anthony Alamda.  The guys discuss supplementation as it relates to performance.  Anthony sheds light on creatine, beta alanine, caffeine, protein, and carbohydrate loading.  Aswell as completely trashing what you think you know about the Glycemic Index.

In this Doc and Jock Episode you will learn that many of current trends regarding the usage of popular supplements is misguided at best and that if you are doing CrossFit you need carbohydrates.  Bottom line is that if you want to be considered an expert in anything you need to be on your game and up to date regarding current trends in your field, Anthony is definately an expert.

Be on the look out for Vitargo at the Independence Games on July 18th and 19th if you are on the east coast and CrossFit Games starting on Juky 21st if you are on the West Coast.  You can also purchase the Vitargo products Anthony discusses directly at store dot vitargo dot com or call 1-877-436-7858 to set up a chat with Anthony or purchase the best super carb being used and studied to date.

Some of the major points and questions covered are:

Creatine as a pre work out

What is the itch response you get from beta alanine?

Is there value in in a placebo response?

When you are burning fat in your workouts do you know where that fat is located?

What is the magical allure of the sweet potato?

Is there any value to the glycemic index as most people understand it?

How much protein can your body uptake in a given serving or on any given day?

Are high level CrossFit athletes using PED’s?

Is gut health and malabsorption something most folks need to worry about?

Does gluten free really mean gluten free?

Is there compelling evidence to show that whey protein powders are better for performance than other powders?

Why Vitargo over other super sugars?

What’s what next for Vitargo?

As you can see this is a loaded Episdoe.  For more on Anthony check out his bio below.


Anthony L. Almada started in the natural products industry in 1975, working in retail health food stores. He has a BSc in Physiology (Cal State U, Long Beach) and performed his Masters thesis research in Nutritional/Exercise Biochemistry at UC Berkeley. In 1990 he created the  “thermogenic” category of dietary supplements. In 1992 he co-founded EAS, which pioneered creatine monohydrate and evidence-based sport nutrition in most of the world, and was the first company to introduce Vitargo® outside of Scandinavia (in 1997). He has collaborated on over 50 university-based clinical trials (nutrition intervention, in health and disease), is a co-author on over 30 peer reviewed scientific journal articles. He is a frequently sought out nutrition business, science, and intellectual property expert, having been quoted in the New York TimesBusiness Week, and Forbes. He is on the editorial board of several scientific journals and is a member of the editorial advisory board of Nutrition Business Journal. He is a co-founder and Fellow of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). He is the Founder and CEO of Vitargo Global Sciences, LLC.

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