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How To Assess and Fix Knee Pain

Episode #56 Where Your Pain Is, Is Not Where It’s Coming From

Episode at a Glance

In Episode #55 The Jock Joe Szymanek grills the Doc Danny Matta on the knee joint. The fellas discuss some major causes of knee pain, how to assess whether the pain is something that can be self treated and how to go about treating the pain if it is something that can be handled without the help of a medical professional.

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Joe runs down the topics that will be covered in Episode 56 and throws a few shout outs to the sponsors.


Episode #55 kicks off with Danny catching Joe up on his hang with Jesse Itzler and plunging in sub zero water with former Navy Seals.


Danny announces that he will be fighting a black bear for charity and Joe informs him that bears eat people ass first.


Danny discusses a the most common knee injuries that he sees in his practice: anterior knee pain and lateral pain which are often caused by overuse.


Joe and Danny discuss how to relieve anterior knee problems using banded distractions, voodoo floss and a few other tools.  


Danny gets deep like a Navy Seal on some terminal knee extension knowledge. If you are post surgery or have an issue locking your leg out at the top of squat, deadlift or other pull this you need to hear this.



Danny talks about utilizing the box squat to help rehab anterior knee pain.


Doc Matta tells you how to test your terminal knee extension and then what to do if you are failing that test.


The fellas talk about the causes of lateral knee pain, tests to target the problem and some fixes for them. Danny uses a runner to explain how weak abductors and bad technique can cause bad lateral knee pain and how to decide if it’s a technique or a mobility issue.


Joe opens up conversation about motor control and how to decide if you are using mobility as a cop out for not wanting to improve the movement pattern.


Danny gives us a template for using unilateral (this means loading 1 leg or arm..like a lunge) loaded movements to help create balance between limbs.


Your knee is bothering you relentlessly. You can’t squat, you can’t run and you couldn’t jump over a micro machine for a million dollars. How do you know if it’s time to find a practitioner or if it’s something you can self treat with a little MobilityWOD? Doc Danny tells us how to know and how to find a brilliant practitioner like himself.


Joe gets Danny’s professional opinion on crepitus…which is that weird bubble wrap thing that happens when you squat sometimes. What is it? Is it a big deal or not?


It’s not often a Doctor of Physical Therapy gets a chance for a mic drop, but at 40:50 in Episode #55 Doc Danny Mata pulls it off with a massive knowledge bomb.


Joe’s Sign Off


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The Knee: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knee


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