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  • Why is Raven Like a Writing Desk? August 16, 2018
    I really have no idea and I am sure the last thing you’d come to a Strength and Conditioning coach for is a deep dive into what Carroll was getting at with the Hatter’s famous riddle.       Maybe a better...
  • FIGHT CONVENIENCE!!! May 29, 2018
    Can introducing kiddos to a fringe sport like Powerlifting save western society from Chronic Illness? I think so! Using “MOVEMENT AS MEDICINE” kiddos and adults can begin to solve tremendously difficult problems in their lives and within their communities The...
  • P. C. MMM GOOD April 19, 2018
    I DON’T KNOW BUT I’VE BEEN TOLD PERSISTENCE AND CONSISTENCE WILL NEVER GROW OLD Seriously folks? Name a lifestyle or training issue that won’t be worked out with a heavy dose of persistent and consistent effort. waiting, waiting…. A Weightlifter...
  • What Kids, and Adults, Really Need…. April 11, 2018
    I hear very often that kiddos today are lazy, don’t play outside as much as they should, and don’t have the same level of commitment to hard work as adults of the past. I find this conversation as annoying as...
  • Warm Up + Prep = Prepared April 5, 2018
    This week on the Everyday Weightlifter Phil and I discussed Warming Up and Prepping. In my mind each serve a separate and important purpose. Warming up serves 2 specific functions: Raising Your Bodies Temperature and Mentally Checking you in. It should...
  • Three E’s to Increase Participation March 28, 2018
    We all want folks to participate in the work we do. As a coach the level of participation I get with a particular class can really impact my perception of success. This goes for the adult classes I instruct, the...
  • A Pain Free Approach to Training Your Legs March 14, 2018
    If this sounds interesting to you, do yourself a favor…. LUNGE MORE, SQUAT LESS. Don’t get me wrong I love squatting and think its the number one lower body variation to prep you for a Weightlifting platform. That said an...
  • What I took from Shaun White’s Success February 14, 2018
    Would you be happy reaching a level of success equal to Shaun White? That is an easy question to answer without much analysis.   Framed differently the question is a little harder. Are you willing to give up what Shaun...
  • Catching Up with Mike Burgener! May 3, 2017
      During the latest Episode of the Doc and Jock Podcast I was able to be a part of a great chat with Coach Burgener.  It was amazing content ! If you haven’t tuned in please make sure to check...
  • Make Training Time Your Time April 26, 2017
    Having a garage gym is great.  The time you don’t waste in the car alone traveling to and from the gym makes it worth having.   Also, as a dad who wants his kiddos to take up training I like...


  1. You guys are awesome!
    I am a Nurse Practitioner, CF level 1, currently training my ass off in rural Arkansas. I met Dr. Danny at a CF mobility seminar in Chicago last year. I liked him right away because he backed his practice with research.
    Your podcast is incredibly informative. I share the information daily with my patients and my fellow CF cohorts.
    I like being able to share the science behind movement, rest and recovery.
    I tell everyone: I learned it on Doc and Jocks podcast and you should too!
    You guys make my late night drives home from work tolerable and at times I find myself laughing out loud.
    Keep it up so we can keep listening, learning and laughing!
    Thanks guys.

  2. Coach Joe says:

    I am embarrassed to say I finally stumbled upon this section of the website and your review! Thanks for your support Elizabeth!

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