E237 | How To Survive The Eating Season

On Episode 237 of the Doc and Jock Podcast Coach Joe is joined by Ashley Reaver who is the lead nutritionist for InsideTracker. During this episode Ashley provides 5 tips to survive the eating season so you can start the news years off right!

As special gift from InsideTracker you can also save $200.00 on their Ultimate blood panel test by using discount code THANKSDJ.  These saving are only available from 11/24/2017-11/27/2017.

E236 | Dr. Jackie Varnum Talks Peeing While Working Out

Dr. Jackie Varnum is one of the leading physical therapists in the world of women’s health and on Episode 236 of the Doc and Jock Podcast we sit down with her to talk about why folks (especially women) pee their pants while they workout.

Stress based incontinence maybe a very common problem, but it’s definitely not normal. If you pee in your pants while you lift, run, jump or even sit you most likely have pelvic floor dysfunction. On this episode Dr. Jackie Varnum teaches us what pelvic floor dysfunction is, what some symptoms of it are and some ways you can prevent it from happening.

Check it out and let us know what you think or have any other questions for Dr. Jackie via an iTunes review.

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E232 | Danny & Joe Answer Olympic Lifting Questions

Episode 232 is the first ever live Friday short. While we were in Atlanta we did our first ever Pain Free Weightlifter seminar and afterwards held a question & answer sesh with the attendees to answer questions about olympic lifting. On this episode we talk about where the weight should be in your foot on the set-up, how to get more depth in the squat & the appropriate foot position for receiving the barbell in the power snatch.

E232 | Chris Irwin (Kill Cliff) on Leadership

On Episode 232 of the Doc and Jock Podcast we caught up with the president of Kill Cliff, Chris Irwin, to talk about leadership. If you aren’t familiar with Chris beyond being the president of Kill Cliff, he is a former Navy SEAL & CrossFit regionals competitor, so he knows a bit about leadership. Check out the conversation and make sure you go to instagram and search #IKillCliff to see how to raise some money for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Learn More About Kill Cliff at killcliff.com or check @killcliff on Instagrm and search #IKillCliff to learn more about shooting cans of Kill Cliff with a bow & arrow.

E230 | Speed & Performance

On Episode 230 of the Doc and Jock Podcast we tackle a listener’s question about implementing a speed program into their CrossFit gym’s programming. On this episode we discuss how to assess speed & agility, how to program for a large group, how to re-test for progress and how to trouble shoot potential problems.

E229 | What I Wish I Had Known with Mike Burgener

On Episode 229 of the Doc and Jock Podcast our producer, Johnny B, catches up with Coach Mike Burgener of CrossFit Weightlifting to find out what he wishes he had known when he started coaching.

If you aren’t familiar with Coach Burgener he’s a Level 5 Senior International Weightlifting coach, he’s the founder of CrossFit Weightlifting, a former Marine, Notre Dame footballer, Olympic Coach & of course often regarded as the Godfather of American Weightlifting. He’s been coaching the lifts for over 50 years and is the proud papa to 4 amazing kids.

Here are the 6 things that you will learn from Coach Burgener on this Episode.

  1. Be flexible: In your personality & coaching style
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Mind open & Mouth shut
  4. Never, ever ever quit
  5. Happy wife = happy life
  6. Respect everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, age, career..etc

We hope this helps you be a better coach.

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E228 | Adam Schafer of Mind Pump Media

On Episode 228 of the Doc and Jock Podcast we sit down with co-host of the Mind Pump Podcast, Adam Schafer, to talk about medical marijuana, mobile car washes & the journey of personal growth.

Adam Schafer is a IFBB men’s physique Pro and fitness expert. Adam made his entrance into the fitness world 14 years ago and has continued to send shock waves throughout the community ever since. He is a man of many talents who wears many hats. He is first and foremost a certified fitness expert who has an insatiable desire to help people in need of major lifestyle changes and daily accountable motivation. He is also incredibly driven entrepreneur and business minded individual with a vision that continually challenges his colleagues and peers to think bigger and achieve more. Check out Adam’s Instagram page HERE.

Learn more about Mind Pump Media here

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E226 | Disasters In Life And Training

On Episode 226 of the Doc And Jock Podcast is a rabbit hole edition. We start out with a highly intellectual & actionable discussion on disasters in life and training through and around them. When we say disasters we mean acute injuries. Torn ACL’s, disc herniations…etc. That eventually leads us to a rabbit hole discussion of the documentary Icarus, which is about doping in cycling. If you haven’t seen it, you must. The moral of the story is comeback would be way easier if doping was legal.

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