• Jill provides CrossFit athletes with her top 3 mobility areas of focus
  • the gang throws a quick shout out to Stand Up Kids
  • Jill unleashes a very passionate piece of advice to pregnant mothers
  • Weightlifters learn why sitting on Yoga Tune Up Balls “taint” a bad idea
  • Jill describes her course offering and two new course, the first focusing on diaphram health, the second on down regualtion and meditation practices
  • We also learn that muscle is fascia’s bitch



In this episode of the Doc and Jock Podcast Danny and Joe catch up Yoga Tune Up creator Jill Miller.  They talk about Jill’s balls, self healing, and Joe even finds a way to yet again bring up his minor surgery.  For more on Jill look her and Yoga Tune Up on Facebook or click the link below.

Be on the look out for part two of the conversation.

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In Episode 9 of the Doc and Jock Podcast Dr. Danny and Coach Joe have a conversation with former Navy Seal and current Kill Cliff President Chris Irwin.  The guys cover a host of topics including training with kids and growing old, opening a CrossFit Gym, Kill Cliff’s corporate culture, and the underlining motivation behind the start ups success – the Navy Seal Foundation.

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On this episode of the Doc and Jock Podcast the men started out discussing snatch technique.  Quickly the converation evolved into a discussion about the differences in Western and Asian coaching technique.  The boys come to a conclusion that its not Asian, Chinese, Polish, Russian, or American Weightlifting that matters but the coaches perspective and history.    

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The boys have a shoot from the hip conversation with CrossFit Games Athlete and her Coach Andrew Killion.  

In part on of the conversation the group lets the cat out of the bag and hatches a fund raising idea for the ages, discuss remote coaching, program design philosophy, and drop a bomb on the world regarding diapgram function.  Guess what?  You really may like to run and metcon – you probably just have a junk diaphram – maybe!  

Look out for part 2.  

Check out District Crossfit if your in the DC area to touch base with Coach Killion and

Eado CrossFit to reach out to Jenn Jones.

Always remember, if you have a body your an athlete.

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