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When It Comes to Weightlifting, Simple is Better

Weightlifting Programming Episode #60


Coach Joe drops a bunch of weightlifting knowledge bombs on us!


Episode at a Glance

In Episode 60 the Doc (Danny Matta) turns the bright lights of truth around on his partner Coach Jock (Joe Szymanek). Joe shares divulges ideals, philosophies and programming methods for Olympic Weightlifting.

Coach Joe’s Biography

Website: http://joesbarbell.com

Instagram: @joesbarbell


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The Catch Up: Doc Danny (Matt) and Coach Joe (Szymanek) reunite after a week apart. The fellas catch each other up on their family lives and trip out on the resiliency of children.


Simple is BETTER! Joe talks about simplifying your programming and how doing so has led to one of his athletes to hit a 2x bodyweight clean & jerk.


What makes Coach Joe’s Programming Style unique? Is it the methods? Is it using 4 & 6 reps sets instead of 5’s? Why is Danny such a pussy? What is the best way to start your lifting cycle? These important life questions are answered here.


Coach Joe educates on the importance of learning barbell control & tempo. If you aren’t keeping the bar and maintaining a connection with it you are fucking up. How can it be fixed? What can you do to get a proper tempo and control?


Coach Joe’s tag line is #PushNotPull so what the hell does that exactly mean?


Joe and Danny talk about the best programming and execution approach for someone who can’t afford a 1 on 1 coach.


You’ve been lifting for 6 years. The gains train has slowed down and you are starting to see some attrition in your numbers, find out Coach Joe’s secret for fighting off the plateau.


If you’ve been lifting for any amount of time you are no stranger to accessory work. You probably spend as much time on it as your do your primary lifts. So how do you know which ones are right for your? Do you really need to do that set of Reverse Fly’s?


Every weightlifting program last a different amount of time. So what does coach Joe think is the appropriate “cycle” time for a progression? Joe also shares what he believes to be THE BIGGEST key to becoming a successful weightlifter.


Closing remarks.


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Website: http://joesbarbell.com

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