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Dawn Fletcher of Mentality Wod and Fletcher Fitness

Doc and Jock Episode 28 features Dawn Fletcher of Mentality WOD and Fletcher Fitness.

If you haven’t looked at the mental side of performance this podcast is for you. The mental approach to sport is huge, yet often neglected.  Dawn has combined her passions for sport, Crossfit, and psychology into Mentality WOD and Fletcher Fitness, platforms where she helps CrossFit Athletes, and others, realize their full mental potential.

Some of the major points covered are goal setting, managing adversity, mental training, finding your zone or flow state, developing mental consistency, building morning routines, and even parenting.  The goal for Dawn is to help athletes develop a mental consistency that aids performance.  Whether your sport is always the same and you are in control, like Weightlifting, or a constantly varied platform, like Crossfit, the key is developing a mantra that guides performance.   Developing a consistent mental approach and creating chaos in your training will also make competing easy, or easier.

Any coach or athlete looking to up their mental game can checkout Dawn’s online programing and course at Mentality WOD.  The full course will take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to complete and walk you through the mental states and practices that Dawn believes are most critical toward developing a consistent mental game. Aside from the full course Dawn also has an E-book and blog that is constantly being updated.

To learn more about Dawn and for information on contacting her about her services check out the links and social media platforms listed below.


http://mentalitywod.com/ also check out facebook, IG and Twitter @mentality_wod

http://fletcherfitness.com/ also check out facebook, IG and Twitter @fletcherfitness


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