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Diane Fu of Fu Barbell and San Francisco CrossFit Talks Weightlifting

Episode 32 of the Doc and Jock Podcast features Diane Fu of Fu Barbell and San Francisco CrossFit


Diane Fu tells all, well, she answers our questions regarding Weightlifting and business systems!  Diane was exposed to Weightlifting late in life and has used that to her advantage to put together an eclectic bag of coaching tricks.


As the conversation begins we dive into her early introduction to the Sport of Weightlifting, former USA Olympic Team Coach – Jim Schmitz.  Interesting enough we find out how coaches back in the day used to trade tape to help their remote athletes.


Diane, “Keeps her ear to the Ground” and tries to listen to any coach willing to share their voice to “make the world a better place.”  She doesn’t believe there are right and wrong ways to Weightlift, just different ways.  Currently Diane is hanging around with Coach Wu Chuanfu (@wuchuanfu), the Singapore Team National Coach (https://www.facebook.com/singaporeweightliftingfederation?fref=ts).  Through Coach Wu Diane is diving deep into Chinese Weightlifting Concepts.


Diane also comments on the positive aspects of CrossFit Weightlifting and Coach Burgener’s system.  Mainly, that it has exposed a large amount of CrossFit athletes to Weightlifting Concepts.


Diane also discusses the use of the lats in Weightlifting, not as an Asian thing, but as a control thing.


As a coach who has had experience with many different international perspectives she describes what she believes to be the major differences, mainly that each has a slightly different idea regarding expressing power into a barbell.  In the end they all just have a slightly different take toward solving the same problem.


Diane considers herself the peoples coach.  She loves working with athletes who want to use Weightlifting as their means to achieve fitness not necessarily compete.  Given the choice, between an athlete who is strong verse one who is mobile or moves better she choose movement and mobility, because strength can be built.


The conversation ends with a quick overview of the Rise Program Diane developed, along with Andrea Ager.  Rise (https://www.codyapp.com/plans/rise-strength) is a guided 12 week structured approach meant for someone who has already been lifting but lacks strength, tempo and awareness in the lifts.  Expect to pack some strength on those legs of yours, experience tempo or segmented lifting, and alternative movements toward developing strength.

The following are links to Coaches, Establishments, and great folks mentioned in this Podcast – be sure to tell them Doc and Jock sent you!

Fu Barbell – http://fubarbell.com/ IG Twitter feeds – @dianefu

San Francisco CrossFit –  http://sanfranciscocrossfit.com/

Jim Schmitz Weightlifting – http://www.nevertoostrong.org/

Wu ChuanFu – IG (@wuchuanFu)

Sinagore National Team – https://www.facebook.com/singaporeweightliftingfederation?fref=ts

Rise Weightlifting – https://www.codyapp.com/plans/rise-strength


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