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Donnie Thompson Discusses Determination, Rehab, Jason Peters, Body Tempering and the Tight Asses of CrossFit

Episode 35 Donnie Thompson If you don’t know how old you are, How old would you be!

Donnie Thompson joins the Doc and Jock conversation letting the world know that much of his success in powerlifting was attributed to one thing, pure determination.  Donnie has humble roots in pro football, acting, and setting up a commercial gym.

Donnie is also an amazing athlete, inventor and coach. As an athlete Donnie was the first powerlifter to total over 3000 pounds and he did it at 46 years old, and then walked away from the sport healthy.  If you enjoy this show and want to touch base with Donnie reach out to him on the social media platforms listed below and find a way to get to Columbia SC on Nov. 7th to experience Donnie’s magic first hand during his Foot an Ankle Clinic at The Compound Gym.


Currently Donnie is making waves helping to keep crossfit athletes, NFL football players, highland games athletes, and anyone with the passion and the willingness to get down to the Compound, not just stay healthy, but also get stronger.  Many of his protocols can be found on his youtube channel and are a combination of good research, meticulous practice, and simply paying attention to what works and what does not. Check out his Lower back protocol here, if your back is trashed (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Mkhj0P3Nsw).

Dysfunction in terms of positioning is leading to more than just bad health for the individual.  We hear a lot of cueing in coaching, like drive through the heels and knees out which are a result of pour positioning, function and awareness. Donnie lets us also know that these problems are simple and easy to fix and many of these dysfunctions are rooted in bad ankles and feet.


Body Tempering, a strengthening training method developed by Donnie, utilizing heavy steel tubes to diffuse tissue, strength bones is discusses. Tempering is highly anaerobic and will either break you or make you strong. So far so good, folks are feeling good and loving the training.  In this section Donnie answers an Instagram question from @BVthePT, clears up the tempering classification, and lets folks know it’s a training method that needs more health professional to experience an support.


NFL players, specifically offensive linemen, are near and dear to Donnie’s heart – he was one.  Donnie discusses the recent injury to eagles offensive linemen Jason Peters, considered by many, the best offensive linemen in the league. It is Donnie’s belief that ankle taping, spatting, and a lack of know how contribute to most injuries that resemble what recently happened to Peters on Sunday night. Donnie believes that if strength coaches worked closer with trainers and doctors and addressed the flat feet that 90% of black athletes have, the lateral instability causing ankle and knee injuries would disappear in the NFL.


Donnie Lets folks know what his stance auxiliary work is.  He loves kettlebells an believes the best auxiliary work should support whatever movement you are trying to strengthen.


Donnie’s Fatbell is discusses.  Where the idea came from, how it was developed, why and how folks should use it, and where to get it are all discussed.  Interestingly enough the idea came to Donnie in a dream.  One prototype cost Donnie over $800 to make.  Don’t worry gang, they won’t cost you that much.  Because you are holding the Fatbell dead center it is superior to dumbbells and the kettlebell and Donnie tells you exactly why!


Donnie answers another social media question from Dave out of the Body Hackers facebook group.  Dave wants to know the therapeutic value of working with an Earthquake bar http://www.roguefitness.com/bandbell-bars in regards to bench pressing.  Donnie likes interventions similar to this but feels people over do it with weight more often than not.  For more details, Dave, you’ll have to listen!


Donnie may not have a certification or official seminar but he does travel the world discussing his techniques and equipment.  If you live in, or near, Columbia SC Donnie is hosting a foot and ankle rehabilitation an strengthening clinic at his gym, The Compound, on Nov. 7th from 10am to 2 PM.  Donnie walks us through the course.  If you are interested in checking out this clinic check out The Compound facebook page link below.     https://www.facebook.com/thecompoundgym/photos/pb.1409630725946113.-2207520000.1445983792./1652345028341347/?type=3&theater


CrossFit is discussed.  Donnie’s, jokingly, is concerned that the negative vibe in powerlifting will do harm to CrossFit before the other happens.  In general he likes anything that gets a barbell in a person’s hands.  The only caution he advises is for CrossFit athletes, and all athletes for that matter, to study the history of whatever sport they are practicing.  Donnie Believe respect should be given to those who came before you. In general Donnie has high praise for the competitive platform that CrossFit has given the average person.


Donnie provides insight regarding his passion for life.  Donnie simply believes that the search is the key.  If your existence is centered on the search, heling people fix things and adopting the mind of a child, good things will happen and you will have fun.  He also tells a great story about sticking to you guns.

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