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E130 | Jill Miller of Yoga Tune Up

Danny and Joe catch up with Jill Miller of Yoga Tune Up. Jill is coming off baby number two and has some great training advice for expecting mothers, discusses her experience being working through some strength and conditioning, and provides some great details on her course offerings.

Show Chapters
The boys say hello, congratulate Jill Miller on the birth of her second child, discuss sibling interaction, and a man’s response to infants.
Why a pro yogi got into strength training. Jill Miller has been working with Josh Landis http://www.landismovementsystems.com. The goal has been stabilizing.
They do a ton of Paloff Press work variations. Working with Josh has helped Jill Miller tighten her tissues and stabilize herself from inside out and top to bottom.
[15:55] (minus [3:50]ish)
What is the protocol to get someone has hypermobile as Jill Miller to “tighten the fuck up.”
Training the deadlift while pregnant and mapping the core.
Training around diastasis and other post labor complications. Jill references to great resources. Check into Katy Boman https://www.amazon.com/Diastasis-Recti-Solution-Abdominal-Separation/dp/098965396X and Dr. Diane Lee https://www.dianelee.ca/. If you are struggling with diastasis complications.
A final word from Jill Miller for the training prego regarding the pelvis.
The Roll Model Mamma.
Jill discusses water breaking, and Joe attempts to make it relatable to men.
Jill’s course offerings that may titillate the barbell athlete.
Jill nurses her baby and discusses how her recovery strategies are utilized by prominent figures in Strength and Conditioning
Finding Jill’s course offerings and a Yoga Tune Up Coach Near you.
Where to Find Jill

@yogatuneup on Instagram & Facebook

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