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E132 | Tommy Moffitt of LSU

On Episode 132 of the Doc and Jock Podcast we sit down with Tommy Moffitt. Tommy is the director of strength & conditioning at LSU. Coach Moffitt has been a part of multiple national championships and also been named Strength and Conditioning Coach of the year multiple times by numerous organizations.

In this episode we discuss the application of concentric, isometric and eccentric muscular contraction, the use of olympic weightlifting in preparation for sport specific demands, and motivating the division one athlete.

Coach Tommy Moffitt also provides a reading list that any Strength and Conditioning Coach can appreciate.


Considered by many in college football to be one of the nation’s premier strength and conditioning coaches, Tommy Moffitt enters his 17th season at LSU after coming to the Tiger staff from the University of Miami.

In 16 years with the Tigers from 2000-15, Moffitt helped strength train and condition an LSU football team that won 160 games during that span, easily the best stretch in school history. It was Moffitt’s offseason program that helped pave the way to national titles in 2003 and 2007 for the Tigers and LSU’s undefeated regular-season in 2011.

Moffitt was named the 2003 College Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year by America Football Monthly. Tommy Moffitt has been part of national championship football teams at LSU (twice), Miami and Tennessee.

Tommy Moffitt was appointed LSU’s strength and conditioning coordinator on Jan. 10, 2000. In February 2000, Moffitt was named the 1999 Collegiate Football Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year by the Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society.

In 16 years with the Tigers, Moffitt has developed LSU into one of the most durable teams around by combining a program that focuses on both strength and speed. Moffitt has also incorporated yoga and karate routines in the Tigers’ offseason program, which increases the player’s flexibility, while forcing the team to stay focused for a lengthy period of time.

Moffitt served as the head strength and conditioning coach at Miami for two years, helping head coach Butch Davis rebuild the Hurricane program. While at Miami, Moffitt was named the 1998 Big East Strength Coach of the Year. Moffitt went to Miami after four seasons, 1994-97, as associate head strength and conditioning coach at Tennessee.

A 1986 graduate of Tennessee Tech, Moffitt started his career as an assistant football coach at John Curtis High School in River Ridge, La., from 1987-94, earning the 1992 National High School Strength Coach of the Year award given by the Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society.

Born in Springfield, Tenn., Moffitt is married to the former Jill Beron and they have three children, Clay, who is a pitcher at LSU-Eunice, Aaron, who is an all-state defensive lineman for state champion Catholic High School, and Brady.

Show Chapters 


Introductions and a kick back to the coaches that inspired Coach Moffitt down the strength and conditioning path.  


What changes has Coach Moffitt recognized in the field of Strength and Conditioning during his tenure at LSU – the last 16 years.


Coach Moffitt talks about the value of Olympic Weightlifting in a strength and conditioning program.  


The use of eccentrics and isometric in Weightlifting.  


Programming isometrics and eccentric lifts in a strength and conditioning setting.  


Coach Moffitt lets the cat out of the bag on the LSU staffs use of the high five.  


The challenges Coach Moffitt encounters coaching the modern young recruit.  


Finding the motivational “BUTTON” of the tough 15% of athletes who don’t want to jump on board the gain train.


The origins of “THE SIGN.”


Coach Moffitt discusses his experience at LSU collaborating with trainers, team Doctors, and other practitioners.


Coach Moffitt discusses Allison Brager’s (@docjockzzz) second visit to speak with the LSU football team and her impact on his personal sleep habits.    


Coach Moffitt provides some content to you expand your reading list


Where to find Coach Moffitt

@TommyMoffitt on Twitter

Tour the renovated LSU weight room with director of strength and conditioning Tommy Moffitt


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