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E143 | Training Effects

In this edition of the Doc and Jock short Coach Joe talks about training effects.  With resolution season right around the corner the information in this episode is sure to aid you in the development of SMART goals. Coach Joe also offers up for characteristics of all training programs that will help you develop a comprehensive training plan to incorporate each of the discussed training effects.

The training effects defined in this episode are:

  • Acute – changes that occur during an exercise

  • Immediate – changes that occur as a result of a single session

  • Partial – changes produced by single training means within a program (e.g., back squat)

  • Cumulative – changes that occur as a result of multiple training sessions, an entire season, or multiple seasons

  • Delayed – changes that occur over a given time interval after a performed training routine

  • Residual – the retention of changes beyond the close of a program beyond the adaptation or compensation phase, more permanent changes.

The four characteristic of a comprehensive strength and conditioning program that will help you experience each of these effects are:

1 – Overload – Your prescription should challenge you in terms of load, and movement

2-  Specific – Your prescription should address a particular sport

3-  Varied – Do to accommodation your prescription should vary over a particular period of time,

4-  Individualized – We are all different, remember that and adjust training models to address your needs.

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