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E147 | Pamela Gagnon of CrossFit Gymnastics

On Episode 147 of the Doc and Jock Podcast our producer, Johnny Bouchard, sits down with Pamela Gagnon of CrossFit Gymnastics to talk about developing a base of strict strength.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pamela, she is a lead instructor of CrossFit Gymnastics, a former collegiate gymnast at Rutgers, a 2 time CrossFit Games athlete and 6 times regionals athlete. Basically she knows more about bodyweight movements than 99% of the world.

We brought her on to talk about strict strength and how lack of development will impede your growth in other areas of training. Specific topics included are:

  • Why strict strength
  • When you know you have enough strict strength
  • How to properly scale the pull-up and handstand push-up
  • How to get your first muscle-up
  • Why you should never kip a muscle-up before having the strict strength
  • What you should be doing more of to improve your gymnastics game
  • How to give your kids a proper base of strength
  • How to adapt to getting older

If you are CrossFitter or Weightlifter this episode is a must listen.

Where to find Pamela Gagnon:

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