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E167 | Set Up So You Don’t Mess Up

On E167 of the Doc and Jock Podcast Coach Joe provides a masters nationals recap, discusses shoveling snow, and provides the greatest place in the world to be stranded in the snow and then talks about why the set up is so important.  

Whether you are snatching or cleaning, shaped like gorilla or giraffe, there are a few concepts that need to be in place if you wish to go from ground to overhead.

  1. Get your feet under the bar
  2. Get your hips above your knees
  3. Get your shoulders over  your hips and forward of the bar.

There are some individual variations of how this may look and finding that position that is most powerful for you, but these rules are pretty universal.

From here there are some movement tips to help you track if you are set up correctly.

  1. Your back needs to stay consistent and  constant.  
  2. Your bar should move straight up, not forward.

Check out the videos linked below for good and bad versions of this.  Also, head over to Coach Joe’s Insta feed (@joesbarbell) for more lessons learned from his recent meet so you can improve your total!  

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