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E187 | 10 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make Today

On Episode 187 of the Doc and Jock Podcast Coach Joe looks back at digs into our catalog of episodes for 10 easily implementable lifestyle changes. These changes have NOTHING to do with training and target the other 23 hours of the day. That being said we think that if you use implement these easy lifestyle changes you’ll see how your training gets better as well.

Hope you enjoy!

10 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make Today Episode Links

  1. Stand-Up Everyday (E30 with the Starretts)
  2. Have A Consistent Wake Up Time (E184 Jeff Durmer)
  3. Squat When You Poop (E70 Squatty Potty)
  4. Be Consistent & Compliant with Caloric Intake (Coming Soon)
  5. Breathe To Reduce Stress (E141 Rob Wilson)
  6. Get Upside Down (E35 Donnie Thompson)
  7. Eat Nutrient Dense Foods (E27 Stat Wellness)
  8. Avoid Gluten, Avoid Processed Food, Avoid Wheat & Avoid Added Sugar (E164 Robb Wolf)
  9. Get Off Instagram! Spend The Time With Real People (E187 Exclusive)
  10. Listen to The Doc & Jock Podcast To Keep Building This List

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