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E91 | Run Like A Ninja In 3 Cues

Episode 91 | 3 Cues To Help You Run Like A Ninja

On Episode 91 of the Doc and Jock Podcast Doc Danny covers every Lifter/CrossFitter’s favorite topic: running. More specifically running like a ninja. What that means, how to do it and why it’s important. Danny then gives us 3 great cues to help take your next run from the pain cave into the I just PR’d my (fill in the blank) cave.

Show Notes

It’s summer which means it’s race season. Go to any city from Atlanta to Albany and there is some sort of race going on, which means that there are hundreds of thousands of people destroying their feet, knees and hips by mindless stomping their feet into the ground as they sludge through their weekend fun run.

In Episode 91 Doc Danny delivers 3 easy to remember cues that can instantly take your running skills from scary & slow to safe & efficient. Check them out below and then get outside and do some run/walk intervals to see how they help.

#1. Run Like A Ninja: Everyone knows that guy who sounds like the Thundering Heard when he is running. Other than being totally obnoxious “that guy” is also wrecking havoc on his body. When we run we are striking the ground with the force of 3 to 5 times our bodyweight. The average human can strike the ground as many as 180 times a minute when running, which totals up to a ton of weight being put on your joints and “that guy” is loading 66% more than he needs to. When you are running think “land like a ninja.” Don’t let anyone around you hear that your foot just touched the ground.

#2. PULL not push: If you think of running as an accelerated walk in which you are pushing your foot off the ground there is a high likelihood that you are a very bad over striding heel striker. Heel striking generally leads to injuries like shin splints and pain in the front of the knees. To combat this all you need to do is think “pull” you foot off the ground with the back of your leg (hamstring) when your foot strikes.

#3. Hips Through: If you are running correctly you shouldn’t feel like your legs are doing a bunch of work. It should feel like a controlled fall forward and your feet catching you. If that isn’t the feeling you get there is a good chance your broken at the waist into hyper extension or flexion and that your striding instead of just falling. To fix this all you need to do is shift your “hips through” and you’ll start feeling acceleration abilities that you never had.

Hopefully you will go out and try these cues out during your next WOD, Run or set of intervals.

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