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E136 | Training Your Kids

December 05, 2016

On Episode 136 of the Doc and Jock Podcast Doc Danny & Coach Joe sit down to talk about the best practices for training your kids.

The conversation kicks off with a discussion on the best cooking vessle. From there we get an update on Coach Joe’s conquest to kill a bear and after that we move onto the topic at hand: Training Your Kids.

Here are the topics that are covered on this episode:

  • Teach them to Swim Early
  • Should kids be competitive?
  • Why positive reinforcement is so important.
  • The process for teaching weightlifting to kids
  • How to unlearn kids on packing together
  • Some strategies for getting kids to enjoy running, jumping, climbing…etc
  • Why teaching your kids how to fall is so important

If you’ve got kids or own a gym where kids train make sure you check this one out gang!

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