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Glenn Pendlay of Muscle Driver USA

Episode 24 of the Doc and Jock Podcast features Muscle Driver USA Head Weightlifting Coach Glenn Pendlay.  Coach Pendlay discusses many topics with Coach Joe and Dr. Danny including how Muscle Driver, and the sport of Weightlifting have benefitted from the rise of CrossFit.  Specifically questioning how anyone involved in Weightlifting could not love the attention CrossFit has brought the sport of Weightlifting.  Coach Pendlay also has strong opinions regarding exercise prescription in Strength and Conditioning for team sports, the tremendous success the Chinese are experiencing in the Sport of Weightlifting, and the lack luster success the United States has experienced in the modern era of Weightlifting.  Not only does coach Pendlay have an opinion about why Weightlifting in the US is suffering but he also discusses what himself and MDUSA are doing about it.  Mainly, putting their money where their mouth is and sponsoring the only men’s and a women’s professional Weightlifting Teams in the United States.

Along with the above topics we also learn about the origin of the Texas Method, why the push press is superior to the bench press, and why the current big three in strength and conditioning, deadlift, back squat, and bench press, should be reevaluated and changed to the clean, back squat and push press.

This is an information packed episode featuring one of the United States best and most experienced Weightlifting coaches.  If you are curious about the sport or Weightlifting, are an experienced Strength Coach, or new to CrossFit this episode of the Doc and Jock Podcast is for you.

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