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Greg Everett Talks Weightlifting


Episode 47 Greg Everett discusses the Sport of Weightlifting


0:00 – 3:46

Greg’s origin story


3:47 – 10:38

The business model at Catalyst Athletics.

10:39 – 18:15

How can a Weightlifting hopefuls sift through the Facebook coaches and find a quality Coach?


19:44 – 23:56

Old school verse new school and the cultural shift in coaching taking place amidst the social media movement.


23:57 – 28:15

Open source Weightlifting programming provided by Catalyst Athletics.


29:05 – 36:06

Denying access to the inner circle at Catalyst Athletics and preserving the Weightlifting cultural.


36:37 –  39:56

Is Weightlifting a good sport for folks to do long term?


42:00 – 44:45

Is experiencing an international Weightlifting perspective important to grow as a coach and athlete.


44:46 – 55:05

Starting age as a leading indicator of international Weightlifting success, international Weightlifting, and US Weightlifting prospects.


55:20 – 59:48

Why does Greg continue train Weightlifting, his positive spin on a severe shoulder injury and rehab.



Where to find Greg, what new at Catalyst Athletics and future seminar dates.


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  1. Matt says:

    Great podcast guys! I always enoy Greg Everett getting fired up!
    You hit on one of my favorite topics to ponder in my spare time- how to increase our success in sports that are less popular in the USA. The simple fact is that you’re unlikely to find the one-in-a-million weightlifter if you don’t have a million weightlifters! Without a broad segment of the population being exposed to a sport, we’re unlikely to find the few athletes who are capable of becoming world-class. The reason the US is not a strong cross-country skiing nation isn’t because Americans have inferior VO2max’s compared to Norwegians; it’s because kids in Norway grow up skiing and the cream naturally rises to the top. In the US the cream rises to the top as well, but the pool of talent is so small that we’re unlikely to ever have a world-class skier. Likewise for weightlifting- as Greg said, most talented lifters in the States aren’t identified because they aren’t exposed to the sport, and then they are unlikely to be developed as a lifter because we don’t have the resources of other nations. I think that’s changing with the increased popularity of weightlifting, but our most talented athletes are more likely to focus on sports where they can make a living and gain some recognition (think football). I once heard it said that a Chinese weightlifting coach said that if the US took all the talent in the NFL and had them grow up as weightlifters instead we’d reset every world record. I don’t know if it’s a true story, but interesting to think about.
    Enough of my rant- keep up the good work!

  2. Coach Joe says:

    Glenn Penally brought up that exact quote during his interview. You should check that one out to. I agree with much of what you said. Where I disagree with greg is that we can learn from folks overseas. Its my experience that the international community does teach different technique. Why not learn it all is my opinion. ITs very complicated and the more we know and learn the better. What is true is that at the youth level we have some stellar folks. We talk a lot about CJ Cummings but there is also a strong stable to killers training with Travis Mash, a 15 year old in seattle I believe who could break a world record, and the number seem to be up everywhere. Good lifting ahead!

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