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Hunter McIntyre of Reebok Spartan Race Tells All

Episode 26 – Hunter McIntyre

This exciting show kicks off with a world class announcement from our very own Dr. Danny Matta of Athletes Potential.  Danny is donating 100% of the proceeds from Physio Coach foot and ankle course directly to Juliet and Kelly Starrett’s non-profit Standup Kids.  How cool is that! Not only can you get your CEU’s in check via the internet from a world class provider but you’ll also know that money off the top won’t be paying for some doctors 4th home, it’s going to help fight childhood obesity.  For more on Danny’s course and Stand up kids check the links below.



On with the show notes!

Hunter McIntyre is a world class obstacle racer.  In 2014 he was the Spartan Race Male Points leader and is looking to repeat the feet in 2015.  For more on Reebok Spartan Race check out http://www.spartan.com.

Aside from racing Hunter is dipping into coaching, has always been into training, and going to be co- hosting a wild reality show coming soon where himself and his cohosts attack the world’s toughest endurance races – Boundless http://tv.esquire.com/shows/boundless.

For more info on being coached up be Hunter check out his training resource and podcast Obstacle Dominator:

Webpage –  http://obstacledominator.com/

Podcast – http://obstacledominator.com/category/podcast/

Boundless – http://tv.esquire.com/shows/boundless

For more on Hunter check out the following articles:

Men’s Journal –   http://www.mensjournal.com/magazine/born-to-race-hunter-mcintyre-20140620

Men’s Fitness – http://www.mensfitness.com/life/sports/athlete-qa-spartan-racer-hunter-mcintyre

And, Catch up with Hunter on Twitter and Instagram @huntthesheriff

On this Episode we talk with Hunter about how he went from living in Bro-Mansion in Malibu, pumping Iron, and living the party life to kicking ass in the Spartan Race Series, and other obstacle racing arenas.  First the gang gets into the different distances that make up Spartan Race and how folks should attack training for each event.  Checkout www.active.com for local races near you.

Hunter’s first recommendation for ramping up training for a race is to understand and acclimate to the distance of the race and get used to moving and hustling for that duration of time.  Hunter also realized early that building strength, joint stability and his lower back through weightlifting were paramount in his early success in the Spartan series.  Also, mixing running, large compound barbell movements like lunging and front squat, along with 1 to 2 AMRAP or crossfit style workouts throughout the training week are also important.

The guys also spend a few minutes discussing the kettlebell.  Hunter gives his point of view regarding Charles Poliquin’s recent negative comments about the kettlebell on the Time Ferris Podcast and how he believes folks can utilize the bell without negatively affecting their back.

The gang shifts gears into Hunter’s project, Obstacle Dominator, his business partner Ben Greenfeild, the world of podcasting, and nutrition.  Hunter also lets the guys know why he has gone vegan and how it is currently affecting his training and performance.  Carbohydrate consumption, where to add protein to your diet if you do choose to go vegan and quality fat sources are also discussed.

Hunter is currently a bit of a world traveler as the co-host of a show that is currently filming – Boundless.  Hunter and two other co-hosts tackle the toughest endurance races in the world.  Hunter makes some travel recommendations for those looking for an adventure.  Hunter also, surprisingly, turns down Joe’s offer to take care of his kids, and discusses the benefits of napping, good sleep habits, and finding a quiet moment in the middle of the day to just be quiet.

Hydration and tracking other leading indicators is also important.  Hunter uses a pulse oximeter, constantly checks heart rate and checks his bowls to make sure things are working properly.  In Hunter’s line of racing getting the body to calm down and regulate after a tough obstacle is critical to sustaining activity over the long haul and can be carried over to the CrossFit community.  His main tool is something we have discussed on the show in the past – diaphragmatic breathing.  Resistance breathing masks also enter the conversation.  Along with interesting training methods currently being deployed by Laird Hamilton.

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