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Kirksman Teo of Lifthard Talks Weightlifting

Dr. Danny and Coach Joe talk ASAIN WEIGHTLIFTING with Asian Weightlifting Coach Kirksman Teo of Lifthard (http://lifthard.com/). Be sure to check out Kirksman on his social media platforms at Lifthard8 (twitter, instagram, and facebook).

We find out very early in the interview that Kirksman comes at coaching and training from a different perspective.  Mainly that coaching and training should not be about what is right, wrong and trending, but what is suitable and what is unsuitable.  Listeners beware, if you are not open to having your thought process challenged this is not the podcast for you.  However, if you are opened minded and willing to openly discuss the whys, gaps, and differences in your own coaching this may be a wonderful learning experience.

We find out how Kirksman first got into the sport of Weightlifting, why he is apprehensive about using the term coach regarding himself, and the athlete selection in Asian countries.  He also puts his opinions out there regarding misconceptions about Asian Weightlifting here in America, explains why being dumb and numb while Weightlifting are a good things and discusses why all coaches of any sport should suffer in that sport.

For Crossfit Athletes out Kirskman also lays out three tips for success in the gym; listen more, focus on efficient movement patterns when learning a new movement, and don’t let kilos and pounds be the only way to measure success.

The Doc and Jock idea that if you have a body you are an athlete is even challenged by Kirksman’s thought process.  If you are ready to open up your realm of understanding this is the podcast for you.

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