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Overhead Fixes for the Split Jerk

Episode 29 of the Doc and Jock Podcast covers a common problem seen in many CrossFit gyms with many CrossFit Athletes; poor overhead positioning in the Split Jerk. Interestingly enough the conversation does not center on the shoulder.  Danny and Joe talk about tight lats. (latimuss dorsi), over extension of the back, and technique.

Danny discusses ways to gain, improve, and stabilize positioning and Joe covers some technique, accessory and sequencing work.   Some specifics covered by Danny are advanced neuromuscular training, thoracic extension work and scrubbing.  Joe discusses jerk balancing, finding your proper split, and properly setting the torso.

The guys end the talk with a short discussion about the status and growth of the CrossFit community’s performance in terms of the clean and jerk, the use of the Crossover Symmetry series, and the mind set of an athlete.


In the end, the guys come together to optimize the performance of an athlete and along the way provide some tips and tricks that you can utilize to up your own Split Jerk game.

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