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E228 | Adam Schafer of Mind Pump Media

On Episode 228 of the Doc and Jock Podcast we sit down with co-host of the Mind Pump Podcast, Adam Schafer, to talk about medical marijuana, mobile car washes & the journey of personal growth.

Adam Schafer is a IFBB men’s physique Pro and fitness expert. Adam made his entrance into the fitness world 14 years ago and has continued to send shock waves throughout the community ever since. He is a man of many talents who wears many hats. He is first and foremost a certified fitness expert who has an insatiable desire to help people in need of major lifestyle changes and daily accountable motivation. He is also incredibly driven entrepreneur and business minded individual with a vision that continually challenges his colleagues and peers to think bigger and achieve more. Check out Adam’s Instagram page HERE.

Learn more about Mind Pump Media here

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E226 | Disasters In Life And Training

On Episode 226 of the Doc And Jock Podcast is a rabbit hole edition. We start out with a highly intellectual & actionable discussion on disasters in life and training through and around them. When we say disasters we mean acute injuries. Torn ACL’s, disc herniations…etc. That eventually leads us to a rabbit hole discussion of the documentary Icarus, which is about doping in cycling. If you haven’t seen it, you must. The moral of the story is comeback would be way easier if doping was legal.

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E225 | What I Wish I Had Known with Jason Fernandez

On Episode 225 of the Doc and Jock Podcast we debut a new segment called What I Wish I Had Known . On this segment we sit down with some super high level long tenured coaches and get them to share 5 things they wish they had known when they started coaching.

On the very episode we are joined by veteran Doc and Jock guest Jason Fernandez. Jason is a member of the elite CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Staff, holds his CFL3 and has owned his own gym CrossFit Rife for 9 years. Basically the dude is a badass coach and has a lot of knowledge to share on this episode.

Learn More About Jason Fernandez Here

(P.S. the concept for this segment was totally pinched from the Google Partners Podcast. Just want to make sure they get credit for the idea.)

E224 | The PED’s in CrossFit Discussion

If you aren’t familiar with the Ricky Gerard drama, the short is that the 3rd fittest man on the planet just got busted for taking a Euroball and was stripped of his title and has to return his winnings. On On Episode 224 of the Doc and Jock Podcast we talk about should PED’s in CrossFit. We debate the risk vs. reward. We talk if it actually helps and then debate the point that PED’s SHOULD be allowed in CrossFit. From a fan’s perspective it’s a better sport if people can implement PED’s in CrossFit. From an Athlete’s perspective it would allow not only for a better performance, but also it may be safer? Huh you say? Yeah if an athlete is recovering better between events you’d see less injury, thus keeping the performers safer. Tune in to hear all the fireworks and also learn why Danny’s go to move in a fight is a forehead kick.

E223 | 3 Movements That Fix Lower Back Pain

Do you get folded like a egyptian cotton sheet in your cleans? How about those front squats, are your elbow scrapin’ the floor as your try and dig that barbell out. If this is you, there is a real good chance you have some lower back pain that is part of your life. Luckily our very own Coach Joe used to struggle with the same issues, and on Episode 223 of the Doc and Jock Podcast he shares his 3 movements that fix lower back pain caused by these movements.


RDL by Phil Sabatini




Banded Glute Bridge By Resilient Performance PT – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnP-rDMZseQ


Reverse Hyper By Louie Simmons


E220 | Snatch Balance for Longevity

Episode 220 of the Doc and Jock Podcast is a special one! For the first time in a long time Doc Danny & Coach Joe got together in the same place to talk about the snatch balance how it’s the MOST important movement on the planet.

Olympic weightlifters use the snatch balance to improve their speed & strength into the bottom of the snatch. However it’s probably one of the most beneficial lifts for life. If you look at the movement, the requirements of flexibility are so high that if a field/court athlete train it regularly it may be the difference between a bad cut being a sprained knee instead of an ACL tear . The positional strength requirement of the snatch balance are in such great demand that it an elderly person training it regularly could mean the difference between a slip and fall accident being a trip to the hospital or just an embarrassing moment.

On this episode we talk about how to mobilize for the snatch balance, how to scale it and then how to make it perfect once you own the movement and then encourage you to train it all the time so you can have athletic longevity.

Check out our accompanying video on some mobility & technique for the Snatch Balance here https://goo.gl/A2cEWn

E219 | Read, Listen & Try New Things

Becoming a better coach is a lifelong pursuit. Most people look to seminars or certifications to grow their base of knowledge. The problem with that is these outlets are generally expensive and over time all seem very similar, so on Episode 219 of the Doc and Jock Podcast Coach Joe offers 3 things every coach can do to get better at their craft without the high priced weekend seminar. They are: Read Listen & Try New Things. Check this episode out to get all the gory details.

Learn more about Joe at http://joesbarbell.com

E218 | Nick St. Louis of The Foot Collective

On Episode 218 of the Doc and Jock Podcast we catch up with Nick St. Louis of the Foot Collective. The Foot Collective is a group of Canadian physical therapists on a mission to help humans reclaim strong, functional and pain free feet through foot health education.

Every human has 2 feet and most of those feet aren’t working like nature intended. Your feet form the foundation for your body – without a strong foundation we compensate and eventually run into problems. Most people Nick sees with dysfunctional (not working properly) feet don’t have foot pain. They have problems upstream – low back pain, hip imbalances, knee pain – and most of those problems are a result of a problem with their foundation. Spread the word to anyone you know and help create awareness of the importance of foot health. Telling friends and family about The Foot Collective means giving them the power to change their health and access quality information about their body for free.

Check out more info on the Foot Collective and listen to their podcast here


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