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Show Update! Releasing Wednesday's

Hey Gang!

We are moving the release date of the show to Wednesday instead of Tuesday.  It just works a little easier with our lives and with the direction we want to move the release of future content.

For those of you paying attention we now have an official Doc and Jock website.  www.docandjock.com.  The content will not change its just a little easier to find.  With the website we also will be posting to a blog regularly.  Dr. Danny and I will release one article a piece each.  Mainly we will be sharing content from our separate platforms and putting a Doc and Jock Spin to it.

That bring us to the Show Sponsors.  We have never officially said this but our now, Doc and Jock is brought to you by Athletes’ Potential and Joe’s Barbell.

At Athletes’ Potential you are sure to find all your rehab, prehab, and Range of Motion needs.  Dr. Danny truly believes that Movement is Medicine and proves it with his approach to therapy, training and in the content his produces. Be sure to check out www.AthletesPotential,com for the latest and greatest from Dr. Danny.

At Joe’s Barbell you will find Coach Joe’s perspective on Weightlifting and training.  Joe has experienced an eclectic mix of coaching and training practices.  The mix has produced a one of a kind perspective sure to make you think a little deeper about the movement you are trying to express.  Check out Joe’s Blog and other media links at www.joesbarbell.com

Post Comments, potential topics, and questions to the Doc and Jock Facebook Page and our twitter account @DocandJock


Dr. Danny always has something cooking and quality info on the Athlete Potential

facebook page https://www.facebook.com/athletespotential?fref=ts

webpage http://www.athletespotential.com/

and Danny’s personal IG (@dannyMattaPT) and Twitter (@AthPotential) acconts

Joe’s Barbell is also up and running on facebook  https://www.facebook.com/joesbarbell?fref=ts,

Also, check out www.joesbarbell.com

And you can reach Coach Joe on IG (@joesbarbell) and Twitter (@JoeShu2326) for all your Weightlifting needs.

Thanks for listening and remember, If you have a BODY you’re an ATHLETE

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