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Squat Fixes Episode 31

Doc and Jock Episode 31 Squat Fixes

If you aren’t squatting every day you’re probably doing more harm than good.  And, if your squat is perfect, you’re lying to yourself.  On this episode of the Doc and Jock Podcast Dr. Danny and Coach Joe cover tips and tricks to get you on the right track to getting ATG… Ass To Grass.

Before the guys tackle your squat Danny and Joe catch up on what’s new.  Danny, preps for a camping trip with his son while Joe wages war on his kids rain boots.

The first Squat topic of the day is valgus knee position and knees out as a cue gone wrong.  Coach Joe discusses using the toes and feet as a guideline for tracking knee movement while a person squats.

Jumping off of a 12 inch box has a lot of uses.   Danny and Joe discuss jumping and landing as a means to increase awareness and increase stability and its use to develop a dynamic hip hinge.

Its Danny’s opinion that ankle mobility is the biggest factor regarding squat depth and performance.

Joe also provides a handy trick to remember and find the proper foot placement while squatting and performing general athletics and creating stability in the hip.

Danny gets us back on track regarding the ankle and says that it’s a lack of dorsi flexion that forces athletes into a 3 and 9 o’clock foot position while squatting and moving.

Joe asks Danny about the Achilles tendon.  Is it a tendon to loosen up?  Danny lets us know that by working compression and release techniques around the Achilles we can free up some space but in a general sense you will be hard pressed to increase ROM of the Achilles.  Your best bet regarding the ankle is to attack the joint itself and unglue any impingements that might be locking up sliding surfaces.

The boys they get into a conversation about what is causing all of this poor ankle mobility.  Danny feels that there is a genetic set point regarding joint laxity.

You can also trace a lot of ankle issues to folks who played a lot of jumping or high impact sports, suffered sprained ankles, and also never really healed them properly.

The biggest factor in poor ankle mobility is probably sedentary behavior and footwear as factors limiting ankle performance.

Joe engages Danny on corrective exercises to help strength the limiting factors causing a valgus knee position.

Joe then discusses that regardless of squatting technique the a good squat is easy to recognize.

Danny lets us know the rolls of the hamstrings and quads in squatting.

Squat variations become the topic.  Which variations are best, when should you introduce them, and when are your athletes ready to scale up.


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