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Two Polish Guys and an Asian Cyclist Walk into a Podcast

Episode 34 of the Doc and Jock Podcast Features a conversation between Co ach Joe, Papayats, and Coach Zang

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If you enjoy nerding out Weightlifting you will enjoy this podcast.  Dr. Danny sits this interview out as Coach Joe talks international Weightlifting concepts with two Coaches who are well traveled.  Papayats and his assistant Eddie jump on the Doc and Jock Podcast to talk about their experiences learning Weightlifting from coaches stationed in other countries.

Yats and Eddie, like many Weightlifting Coaches in the US, are coaching Weightlifting out of a CrossFit Box, Crossfit Willowglen in San Jose. Yats discusses his experiences growing up in Poland and now traveling regularly to the Philippines to work with Current Asian Champion Hidilyn Diaz.  Eddie discusses his experiences moving into Weightlifting from cycling and his own travels to work with University level lifters in China.

After the gang exchanges pleasantries they get pretty deep into some coaching differences between what is popularly taught in the US and what they have experienced in places like China and the Philippines.

Check out what Yats and Eddie are getting into at www.crossfitwillowglen.com.

Yats is a regular to Instagram.  Check him out at @papayats

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