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Doc and Jock is joining Wade’s Army and Power Athlete in the fight against Neuroblastoma! Donate at the link below and your name in a drawling for a Mobility WOD course slot and donating $35 or more gets you this years #nervesofsteeluniform!

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About Us


Doc Danny Matta

Dr. Danny Matta is a coach, physical therapist, educator and founder of Athletes’ Potential. He is considered a world re-nowned leader in the fields of rehab, sports medicine, tactical athlete consulting and human performance optimization. Danny is able to use his experience as a physical therapist and a strength coach to improve all aspects of human performance.

Coach Joe

MA - Education, CSCS, SPARQ, USAW-L1, CrossFit L1 + more

Founder of Joe’s Barbell, Husband, Father, and Athlete

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